a day on the farm

A few weeks ago, we finished reading Charlotte’s Web. I promised the kids that we would go to a farm after we finished reading the book. Since Avery never forgets anything, and is quite possibly the world’s most persistent child, I had to make good on my promise….If only to save my sanity.

I’d seen some photos of the family farm of a high school friend of mine and decided that it would be the perfect place for our first field trip. Falcon Ridge Farm is a good drive from where we live, but was totally worth it. It’s a beautiful farm – and thankfully, I picked the most beautiful day ever for our outing…the weather was perfect-o.

Charlie’s buddy and his family met us there – along with a few of our other precious homeschooling friends.


The kids were pretty jazzed about the jumping ball area. I have to admit, so was I. Those things are super fun. I need a giant gated area with jumping balls for our next house.

ImageThe farm had so many fun areas for the kids to play. Lots of swingsets, slides, and play grounds. The Corn Box was a huge hit with my kids. They spent a ridiculous amount of time in there. I may need one of those for our next house too…

Avery had fun making “Corn Angels” and I spent most of my time yelling at Charlie for throwing corn. Boys and danger…two things that always, always, go hand in hand.

Image…on second thought, maybe I’ll skip the corn box.


During the week, Mr. Ray gives a “Horse Talk” to the school kids who come to the farm. We arrived just in time to hear his lesson. Avery was super interested to hear all about the horses. She’s convinced that she will have her own one day. If I know anything about my girl, she’ll find a way to make it happen.


At the end of his talk, Mr. Ray asked if anyone had questions. These two had no business asking questions.

ImageWhen Mr. Ray called on Charlie, I have to admit that I was a little nervous about what he would ask.  Most kids were asking questions about how to ride a horse, or what a horse likes to eat, but Charlie asked, “Where is the corn maze?”

Not exactly on topic, Bud.

After the lesson, Mr. Ray taught Avery and Charlie how to pet a horse the right way.




Falcon Ridge Farm has an awesome petting zoo area. They have every kind of animal that you would expect to find at a farm: sheep, goats, pigs, ponies, horses, cows, chickens, a donkey, and a turkey. They even have a few things you don’t normally find at a farm like peacocks and a llama.

These little guys were my favorite. I wanted to put them in my pocket. Adorable!


Charlie and his partner in crime are obsessed with punching everything. Including each other. Naturally, as soon as they saw this “Hay Spider”, they decided that it needed a good punch too.


Avery begged me all morning to ride a pony. When she got on the pony for the first time, she was super nervous. In fact, she told me she wanted down almost as soon as she got in the saddle. Knowing how disappointed she would be later that she hadn’t been able to ride, I made her stay on the horse. I walked next to her and held her hand while she rode and she loved it. Charlie opted not to ride on the pony and watched instead.


We took a hay ride to the pumpkin patch

hay ride

and each of the kids picked out a pumpkin to take home with them.



ImageDon’t ya just love that new pose Avery likes to do for the camera these days? Silly kid.

The boys loved the giant Hay Fort.


…and tried to get the cow to come close by “mooing” incessantly at it. The cow wisely ignored them.


After lunch and lots more play time, the kids were nice and tired for our drive home.


piggy back - notjenny.com

If you live in our area and are looking for a fun place to spend the day – check out Falcon Ridge Farm. I can’t wait to take the kids back at Christmas to pick out a tree!

farm sign - notjenny.com


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