Our Disney Vacation – part 2

Hmmm…did I say that I would post those pictures “tomorrow”? Yeah… Life has been totally crazy and busy lately – but more on that later. For now, here are the rest of the photos from our trip:

During the middle of our trip, Charlie caught a crazy violent stomach bug. And got crazy violently sick in both of the beds in our hotel room. We had to call the front desk and get new sheets for both beds. Then, I had to wash our pukey clothes so that our room didn’t smell like a garbage dump. The Contemporary is a beautiful resort…but not at 4 in the morning. And doing laundry – even in the most magical place on earth – is never, ever, magical. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the only thing that is magical at 4 am is a pillow.

IMG_2997Finding the laundry room took me at least 30 minutes. There were no directional signs anywhere and every hallway looked exactly the same. I’m pretty sure that I spent 20 minutes walking in a circle. At one point, I literally thought that I was going to lose my mind if I passed the same empty pizza box in the hall just one more stinking time. I truly believe that it was a miracle from God that I finally wandered into the right place.

I’m happy to say that we powered through that night. The next day David left to go to his conference, so we spent most of our day like this:

IMG_3001Charlie started feeling better the next day, and since David had one more full day for his conference, we spent our day at the amazing pool at The Contemporary.


Things were looking up. We even saw this amazing gigantic rainbow that evening:

giant rainbowThe next day, we woke up early to go to The Magic Kingdom.

main street decorWe walked in just as the Celebrate a Dream Come True parade was starting. It seems like there’s always something exciting going on in the Main Street U.S.A. section of Disney World.

mickey paradeWhile we were watching the parade, we met the “Mayor”. It’s so fun that the Disney cast members stay totally in character the entire time you talk to them.

the mayor of main streetAfter the parade, we headed to Aventureland. Charlie is kind of obsessed with Jack Sparrow these days. In Adventureland, there’s a super fun “pirate school” that takes place right across from The Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Charlie was so excited to see the Captain in “real life”, but was even more excited that he was able to hop on stage and take the Pirate Pledge.


They even gave him an “Apprentice Pirate” certificate to take with him:


Later, we decided to ride the train around Magic Kingdom. It’s always a welcome change of pace from walking and the breeze is so nice. If you’ve never walked to the train station in the Main Street area, you need to. It’s so adorable, and you get to see Main Street at the perfect picture spot.

disney main street halloweenNotice how low the crowds were that day? September is the time of year that the crowds are lowest at Disney World.. It’s pretty awesome. I think we may be a little spoiled. We never waited longer than 30 minutes for any ride or show that we saw during our trip. Sometimes, we just walked right on to rides without a wait at all.

Image(There’s that smile again. It’s the lets-get-this-over-with smile. Ahhhh, four-year-old boys)

Anyway – It was about that time of the day that the evil stomach bug decided to attack Avery. It probably didn’t help that it was crazy hot that day. She complained that her stomach was hurting and insisted that we go back to the hotel. Avery whined the whole way back to the resort, but thankfully, we made it to the room before anything “eventful” happened. That night, I decided to stay in the room with her while he took Charlie out to eat dinner and play in Downtown Disney.

sick in disneyThankfully, Avery knows how to run to the bathroom when she gets sick, so I didn’t have to do laundry at 4 am again. She got lots of rest and by the next day was feeling better.

Since it was our last day of vacation, she decided that she felt well enough to go back to one or two of the parks.

We went to Hollywood Studios and watched our favorite stage show: Beauty and the Beast.

beauty and the best show

beauty and the beast stage showThis is how Charlie watched the entire second half of the show:

IMG_3015When Hollywood Studios closed for the day, we headed to Epcot to do some of the things that we weren’t able to do earlier that week.

epcot ball sunglassesWe love, love, love Alice in Wonderland…so visiting her was a priority. Look at her reaction when Avery asked her why the white rabbit is always so stressed out:

alice in wonderlandShe said, “Well…I imagine that it has something to do with the fact that he works for the Queen. She’s always threatening to take off people’s heads. It’s quite stressful.”

While we were waiting to meet Duffy, the boldest squirrel on the face of the earth visited with us. Only at Disney. Right after this picture, Charlie ran screaming toward him and scared him away.

disney squirrelOf course.

We walked the Showcase of the World part of the park and got candy in a few of the different “countries” as we went through. Charlie loved his “sushi sucker”.

sushi sucker EPCOTThat night, we went to dinner at La Hacienda – a dine-in restaurant that sits right next to the World Showcase Lagoon. We had a great dinner and were able to watch the fireworks and light show as we were eating our dessert.

After a long day, Avery had finally reached the end of her rope.

sick in disney 2Our trip was full of unexpected twists and turns, but overall, we had an awesome time together. Spending time together is really what makes family vacations so special.

We can’t wait to go back to visit Mickey again soon. Next time, we’ll be armed with a gallon sized container of hand sanitizer and lots of prayer.

mickey family


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