8 “Must-Haves” to pack for Disney World

8 must-haves for disney

When I am packing for a big trip, my mind usually goes in a million different directions. I always feel like I’m running around the house like a mad woman the last few days before we leave. Every trip calls for a different packing list, but for our Disney World vacations, this is what I absolutely won’t leave home without:

booboo bag

My Boo Boo Bag has been so helpful during our Disney trips. I always take this bag with me to the Parks. I’ve needed the Band-Aids multiple times for minor scrapes and cuts and blisters. Here’s what I take in my bag:

  • Band-Aids
  • Cold Pack
  • Kleenex
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Neosporin Spray
  • Benadryl individual doses in straws  (I hot glued the ends of the straws to hold the liquid)

#2 Hotel extras

Some of the most important things that I brought for this trip are in this picture. Especially since Charlie got a nasty stomach bug one night. I ended up having to do laundry at 4 in the morning. Not so magical. This bag contains:

  • children’s aspirin
  • detergent pods (purchased at Target in the dollar section – so much less expensive than the resort detergent)
  • pop-up hamper (purchased on amazon – for dirty laundry)
  • thermometer
  • scissors
  • wine bottle opener (for mommy)
  • shoe organizer (from dollar store- awesome for storing little things)

#3 stroller cover

I found this tarp and jumbo clips at Dollar Tree. They are an absolute lifesaver for those daily Orlando rain showers.

tarp in action

You can purchase rain covers that are made to zip over most strollers, but this is the cheapskate version. It only cost $2 and it works like a boss. It’s large enough to stretch over the entire stroller, but I can also cover a smaller space (like wet seats for when it unexpectedly rains while we’re on a ride). The jumbo clips are so awesome. The tarp also doubles as something to put on the ground to sit on during the parades. Claiming your “space” is kind of important (people can crowd you without it) and it will keep your booty dry if the ground is wet. I am sooooo happy that I thought to bring it this time.

#4 park bag

This is the stuff I stick in our park backpack:

  • spray bottle (Dollar Tree – works just as well as they park’s expensive spray fans)
  • wet wipes
  • face sunblock
  • regular sunblock
  • hard candy
  • fans/batteries (Dollar Tree)
  • glow sticks (Dollar Tree – for the Light parade at Magic Kingdom)
  • extra pair of underwear and clothes for each kid (not pictured)
  • light rain jackets for everybody (not pictured)
  • camera (not pictured)
  • sunglasses (not pictured)

The fans were something that I bought hoping they would actually work, but they ended up being a total miss. Avery totally slapped herself in the mouth with the fan blades after I took this picture:


The hard candy, however, is so nice to have while we are waiting in lines for rides or for dinner. It seems to take their mind off of things temporarily. When they were smaller, I bought suckers and gave them those instead.


#5 park snacksI always pack small pre-packaged snacks for the park and hotel. It’s awesome to have for those between meal munchies. As a mom, I’m always packing for the kids first, but this time I remembered that Mom and Dad need snacks too.

#6 autograph books

Autograph books can be pretty expensive in the park. Since we’ve been there two other times already, we thought that we would make our own this time using art sketchbooks and fun stickers.  I ordered my sketch books on Amazon and bought the stickers and washi tape at Hobby Lobby. The kids loved decorating their books before our trip. Sharpie fine point click pens won’t bleed and are easy for the character’s big hands.

#7 spare change

My kids are kind of obsessed with pressed pennies. Since they are the least expensive souvenir you can purchase at the parks, we always bring spare quarters and pennies for pressing pennies.

#8airplane bag

I made airplane bags out of basic tote bags from Hobby Lobby. Avery’s has a Mickey fabric applique on it, and Charlie’s was made using a freezer paper stencil of Mickey’s image. Inside, I included markers, coloring books, and gum for the plane ride. Having their own special bags was so exciting to them. They loved shopping at the Dollar Tree for their coloring books and treats to put inside.

airplane bag

The beauty of Disney World is that if you forget something, you can always purchase it at the parks…for a nominal fee. It’s just one of the many reasons that vacationing in Disney World is so magical. But seriously…don’t forget the tarp. You’ll thank me later.


3 thoughts on “8 “Must-Haves” to pack for Disney World

  1. Make sure you always mark the “baby room” on the map. Magic Kingdoms room is the best but all offer a nursing room and store to buy needed items, from baby stuff to feminine supplies. They have a TV for older kids and high chairs and changing tables.

  2. As a Disney Fanatic, I’ve read tons of packing lists & this is THE BEST one I’ve ever seen! Thank you. Just to add…Benadryl also comes in chewable tablets, that is what I carry. A Camelback type backpack for water works great also. As for the misting fan, we bought a couple at Target & they work Awesome. Thank you!

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